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Brand Showcasing in Projects

Brand Showcasing in Projects

Your Brand Is The Single Most Important Investment You Can Make In Your Business.
AND, Your Branding Is What People Say About You When You Are Not In The Room.

Brand Promotion, Brand Marketing, Brand Showcasing and Brand Communication are integral elements of our overall `Marketing Plan` at KG Plastic. At KG Plastic, we believe in a holistic and a more invincible marketing plan to get connected to the wider network of direct and indirect stakeholders who has an influence on all operations of KG Plastic. These events are held hand in hand with our other Sales & Marketing activities to give health to our Brand Image, Brand Identity and create a healthy Brand Perception, to ultimately help; enhancing our share of wallet in overall market.

Some of internationally acclaimed exhibitions that KG Plastic took part in recent times are:


KG Plastic proudly participated in the 2015 franchise of Project Qatar which was a huge success. A well-equipped and well-presented showcase was set-forth to welcome all our existing and potential business partners (customers). A well-coordinated plan helped in executing the event in the best possible way. The whole management and other key employees participated in the event with a wider angle of commitment, muscle and dedication. KG Plastic plans to participate in all exhibitions that helps in reaching out to all our existing and potential customers in the most desirable ways.



Likewise to Project Qatar, KG Plastic participated in a more targeted exhibition, Qatar Plastic, Printing and Packaging Exhibition (QPPP) pertaining to our industry and area of operations. We welcomed all visitors and international exhibitors and explained our various operations and market offerings to them in a more detailed, refined and personalized way. It was great to see people knowing about State of Qatar, now has a fully functional `Industrial & Manufacturing Space` and has the capacity to produce products/brands of international repute. `Made in Qatar Products` were the cry of the day, in actual.

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