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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


KG Group believes in the ideology of creating shared values by understanding the core underlying assumptions of `we are successful because we contribute to the society` VS `we contribute to the society because we are successful`. We follow both. Earlier talks about `Creating Shared Values` for all the stakeholders in the society. Latter talks more about `Giving Back`. Presently, organizations are living in the fourth generation of corporation world, whose primary and main emphasis is on `is society getting benefits of the profits made from its operations? `

At KG Group, our answer is YES! WE CARE! KG Group is the pioneer in taking initiatives to strengthen the livelihood of the society of various communities not in only in State of Qatar but across the globe. The charitable and philanthropist works done by KG Group is phenomenal and has added values to the lives of people, institutions, charitable organizations and all cross in general. Some of the causes/events that KG Group takes part in on regular basis are:

• Blood Donation Camps

KG Group takes part in blood donation camps set-forth by several govt. organizations in State of Qatar on regular basis. Various subsidiaries of KG Group are called in to take part in the Nobel Cause and help people in dire need of blood. Likewise to any corporation that believes in CSR, KG Group takes it as a compulsion on its existence as a responsible organization/citizen to take care of the environment, society and people in general and help those in need of such. These activities reflect on KG Group’s corporate, social and environmental sustainability commitments to our clients, suppliers, and employees and to our communities within State of Qatar.

• Beach Cleaning Activities

Adhering to CSR Policy is fundamental to KG Group’s culture and core values. Since, cleanliness is also one of the core integral parts of human values and lifestyle, KG Group never looks back in cleaning the environment around. For such, various activities are carried out. One specific activity is various `Beach Cleaning Moments` where various beaches across State of Qatar are cleaned as a responsible resident of State of Qatar. This activity not only helps in cleaning the beaches and environment, but has deep roots involved in the overall echo system of the environment. For example, clean beaches help retaining a more sustainable environment for flora and fauna which is an integral part of the whole echo system.

• Philanthropist/Charitable Activities

KG Group takes part in various philanthropist activities on more of a subliminal level. The Senior Management Team (SMT) keenly donates on personal and organization-wide level all its contributions in all forms in both direct and indirect means. Be it Building Houses, Mosques, Relief for Earthquake & Other Natural Disaster Victims, Financial Limitations faced by Employees, Educational Causes, Funds Needed by International Community and Likewise. KG Group takes it indispensable on its shoulders to contribute and shows a great spirit and zeal for the greater goodness. Following the leadership in every way, KG Group Family never shows reluctance in contributing to such causes too, and is every inches closer to our society by feeling and sharing their pain.

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