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Technical Seminars

Technical Seminars

KG Plastic has a legacy of conducting technical seminars for all its stakeholders. Be it top tier consultants, main contractors, MEP contractors, distributors, traders or KG Plastic employees, KG Plastic never felt defensive about conducting such. These technical seminars are given great importance by our top management and they are conducted on continued basis.

Since KG Plastic is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), so all our products carry an extensive technical portion. These technicalities are conveyed to all employees and customers on regular basis so that in the first place, they must be properly educated before the product is reached to its ultimate consumer. This all process (or cycle) revolves around the concept of `Value Maximization`. All our customers should get the most and optimal value of our products by installing all our products in the most appropriate way to avoid damages and losses caused by inappropriate use of all our pipes.

Some key benefits of these seminars are:

  • Hands on interaction of these stakeholders with KG Plastic team to discuss various market trends and challenges
  • Updated presentations on improved products
  • Question/Answer sessions with all our customers in light of their miscellaneous queries
  • Factory visits and showing consultants/customers our production line
  • QA/QC lab visits and demonstrating consultants/customers our QA/QC miscellaneous test and procedures
  • Our major distributors/traders staff training on all technical aspects of our products
  • Miscellaneous

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