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Customer Interaction Programs

Interactions with our Customers

Visiting our existing and new customers by the Management of KG Plastic is one of the core integral parts of KG Plastic business functions and operations. These frequent sessions conducted by the management on regular basis results in greater coherence and alignment with our business vision and that of our customers. Optimal solutions are foreseen to maximize profits at both ends. Any trending or seasonal challenge at both ends are tried to reduced and converted into business opportunities.

Following are the major ways where a coherent and integrated communication is maintained with all our customers on regular basis:

  • Hourly and daily phone calls
  • Emails and instant chats
  • Corporate letters
  • Personal visits to sites to monitor delivery schedules and quality of our products
  • Personal visits to offices to see if there’s any deviation from the standard practice
  • Top management meetings

This is worth mentioning that all customer interactions are kept in the most desirable ways by our customers so that they don’t feel bugged or cold-called. We meet all our customers after taking prior appointments and at their convenience.

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