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Customers Incentive Programs

Customers Incentives Programs

When it comes to frequent and regular interactions with customers, KG Plastic is always found at the forefronts of the market. Every month, quarter and year, KG Plastic launches a series of comprehensive sales promotion plans and customer interaction campaigns to show the bond that KG Plastic has with its esteemed customers. KG Plastic is all proud to have a variety of loyal top-tier customers. Thanks to the Management`s serious commitment, intentions and a deep down interest towards our customer base. Among the few, some of the notable promotion plans that KG Plastic has are:

  • Mobile phones and other expensive giveaways
  • Sales promotion and discount plans on many of our products
  • Special prices on major quotes by our customers
  • Calendars, shirts, wallets, mugs and other sales promotion items
  • A special gift on buying a particular quantum/month of KG Plastic products
  • Lunches and Dinners are arranged with the management of KG Group, particularly KG Plastic.

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