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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction At KG Plastic

A Marketing Survey Tells That A Satisfied Customer Will Bring In Five More Customers, But A Dissatisfied Customer Will Take 100 Customers/Prospects Away!!!

At KG Plastic, `Customer Satisfaction` is our top most priority. We believe that we don’t need any marketing, we just have to work on our customer’s satisfaction, and in turn, those satisfied customers will market our brand on our behalf. The magnum opus and essence lies in the philosophy that `Customer Is Our Bread & Butter`- which is such a great ignition and kick start to work on all our customers will all dedication and heart. We, do also believe that customers have the authority to `Make` OR `Break` any your plans, so while devising all our short-run or long-run strategies, we do make sure that customer is taken into consideration in all our business and working models on all priority. We do believe that a good service, does make the difference!

To show how important our customers are to us, we have internalized some of the lifelong corporate experiences as our guides towards our customers. For example:

  • A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all times.
  • For us, customer experience is the next battlefield. We do make sure to win every competitive battle.
  • Nothing exists like partial customer satisfaction. Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction is the only solution.
  • Quality of a product is not what we put into it. It’s what the customer gets out of it. We work on customer`s psychology.
  • Our unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning. We do work on it on continuous basis.

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