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Employee Development

Employee Development

If You Want To Maintain Strong Relationships With Your Customers, Maintain One With Your Employees First!

Not only at KG Plastic, but across all entities of KG Group, employees are treated as `A Family`, which is one of the core reasons that KG Group has come so far in claiming such success and reputation. KG Group owes so much to its employees for their unconditional support and dedication towards the conglomerate and vice versa. KG Group employs more than 2500 employees across the conglomerate whom belongs to diversified cultures, backgrounds, educational degrees, technical credentials and job experiences. This makes KG Group a great multicultural context to work for and take all learning while being at the workplace. There is a strong relational bond among all employees which results in maximum output as a result of dedicated teamwork. You cannot steal this credit away from KG Group for instilling the spirit of teamwork within all its employees.

Of course, instilling such teamwork isn’t some piece of cake. What people call an overnight success takes 17 years approx. So, to achieve such, KG Group; on time-to-time conducts proper rituals and activities to maintain proper communication and develop understanding among its employees. Some of the core activities are Training & Development of employees, Outdoor Activities, Rituals at KG Group and Qatar National Sports Day Activities.

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