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Chairman`s Message

Welcome to Al Khayarin Group of Companies. You can find here complete building solutions right from construction, manufacturing of construction related products, interior décor & fit-out works and trading of electrical products under one roof. Qualified, competent and innovative in the field with commitment and dedication to customers, make our contracts cost competitive. The ever changing market demands are met with our combined strength, in sound technical team management and efficient resource allocations for each project. We are equipped with all needed unique operational qualities. We contribute to our esteemed customers for making their product second to none in the most competitive and borderless markets.

Dr. Engr. Zayed Mansoor Saif Al Khayarin

Chairman- Group of Companies

CEO`s Message

At Al Khayarin Group of Companies, we believe in reliability, integrity, professionalism, total quality management, teamwork and showing respect to our clients and associates. Our adherence to the real values of life has been the driving force for KG Group’s recognition, not only in the construction industry but also in the society. As a result of this approach, KG Group is proud to be one of the few entities in State of Qatar that seek, achieve and maintain strategic and individual collaborations with reputable clients, consultants, as well as other reliable partners, sub-contractors and suppliers in State of Qatar on a long-term basis. Being civil construction as primary activity, our personnel includes professional civil engineers, quantity surveyors, quality control engineers, land surveyors, foremen and other professionals like finance and administrative staff as well as skilled workers that blend together to achieve the goals of the company. We always seek to employ and develop enthusiastic individuals related to our line of business that share and appreciate our values. The average employment time frame of our personnel of seven years proves the healthy and solid relationship that prevails within its structure, which reflects in the successful completion of the projects in time and to the best satisfaction of the valuable clients and consultants.

Engr. Muhammad Idrees Anwar

CEO- Group of Companies

General Manager - Al Khayarin Plastic Factory

Mr. Kamran Azmi is the General Manager of Al Khayarin Plastic Factory (KG Plastic). He holds two most important portfolios at KG Group. First is General Manager- KG Plastic and; another an even more important, as General Manager- KG International (Interiors). Mr. Azmi is a highly educated and qualified professional and is respected with great zeal in his fraternity for his sublime contributions and invincible value additions. Having earned his Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering from top universities of Europe, coupled with almost 30 years of experience makes him an inevitable option to serve the rapidly growing subsidiaries of KG Group. `Building Construction Management` being his primary niche, he has hands on command on construction, interior & complete fit-out-works.

Moreover, Mr. Azmi`s experience in establishment and operations of Pre-Cast & Ready-Mix Concrete Plants, Business Development and Management in general; with renowned and famous companies both in Pakistan and in Middle East makes him an internationally qualified professional and requirement of every organization in `Top Management` category. Using `Business Development` and `Management` as his primary cup of tea, Mr. Azmi has helped KG Plastic grow in a very short span. In general, his exemplary contributions to KG Group has held the image of the conglomerate so far and the company has shown abnormal improvements under his leadership. Lately, his contributions in `Team Building, Mentoring & Coaching` has helped KG Plastic and KG International in every desired way and he has been an inspiration to all professionals; falling in every tier.

Mr. Kamran Azmi General Manager Al Khayarin Plastic Factory

Commercial Manager - Al Khayarin Plastic Factory

Mr. Osman Idrees is the Commercial Manager of Al Khayarin Plastic Factory. He is an ACCA. This background qualification, alongside seeing KG Group for many years closely from an inside-out eye, gives him an edge while giving `Attention to Details`. Using these qualifications, he has shown remarkable improvements in such a short span of time. His contemporary, trendy and unorthodox style of leadership has helped Plastic Factory rise and shine and gain a respectable place in the industry we operate in.

His keenness in identifying key areas to solve challenges and issues has helped the company gain the momentum at various interfaces like Business Development, Overall Costing & Cost-Effectiveness, Revenue Maximization, Operations Management, New Product & Market Development; both nationally and internationally, maintaining a strong line of Supply & Value Chain Management has helped the company gain respect on every platform. During his short tenure- and continuing, KG Plastic is growing at a fast and decent pace.

Mr. Osman Idrees Commercial Manager

Plant Manager - Al Khayarin Plastic Factory

Mr. Faisal Malik holds the very important portfolio of Plant Manager at KG Plastic where he looks after the whole production plant and all its operations. He is a very committed and renowned professional, having more than 15 years of experience in Petrochemical, Polymer & Plastics, Production and in various areas of Research & Development. Moreover, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from a top university in Pakistan.

Mr. Faisal has shown remarkable improvements and value additions while serving on key posts during his career span. His strength lies in the key areas of Management, Production, Process Engineering, Chemical Process Control, Instrumentation, Research & Development, Plant Operations, Plant Design, Plant Utilities, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizan, HAZOP, 5S, Cost Optimization, U&E Improvement, Procurement, Quality Testing, Supply Chain Management and Product Development.

Mr. Faisal Malik Plant Manager

Marketing Manager - Al Khayarin Plastic Factory

Mr. Irfan Ullah Tawhidi holds the portfolio of `Manager Marketing & Sales` at KG Plastic. Mr. Tawhidi is a renowned professional, enriched with +13 years of experiences in key areas of Research & Development and Sales & Marketing; having the capability to grow in an intellectual environment. He is an internationally acclaimed professional for his value additions, ranging from multinational and multicultural organizations to those SMEs and the local ones.

Having done his MBA Project Management from Wayne State University, Michigan- USA and heading the Sales & Marketing Department, he possesses impressive record of career advancement along with excellence in minimizing cost and maximizing profitability through successful account and customer relationship management approaches, along with team building. Adding on, Mr. Tawhidi has added value to the Sales & Marketing Department in terms of sales growth, profitability, conversion optimization, key accounts development, accounts retention, new customer development, channels development, recovery management and most importantly team building.

Mr. Irfan Ullah Tawhidi Marketing Manager

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