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Why QA/QC Lab & Development

Why Quality Assurance/Quality Control Laboratory (QA/QC lab)

The only reason of KG Plastic`s existence as a manufacturing unit revolves around to be a `Quality Manufacturing Unit` in State of Qatar, alongside fulfilling the ever growing market demands for the construction industry which is quite the cry of the day in the preparation for the FIFA 2022 World Cup and Qatar National Vision- 2030. Endorsed by the Qatar National Vision- 2030, Quality and Standard; are considered the supreme pillars not only of KG Plastic, but across all entities of KG Group. That is the only reason why KG Plastic has a state-of-the-art Quality Assurance/Quality Control laboratory (QA/QC lab) installed inside the factory premises. KG Plastic`s QA/QC lab is one of the most extensive technologically equipped laboratories within the industry we operate in. Also, KG Plastic has invested a substantial consideration; and capital to keep an up-to-dated QA/QC lab to meet the ongoing stringent modern day project specific requirements. Different types of macro and micro tests are performed over our products on both random and periodic basis. A whole dedicated team of independent technical professionals have been employed who perform standardized tests on all our products cautiously; making sure that our end consumer gets the best possible optimal value out of all our products. At KG Plastic, we give you all surety that we deliver the best quality products which has the best quality, cost-efficient and timely delivered. Because, at the end of the day, our aim is to become an international player in our industry, in providing optimal product solutions and to brand not only our company, but State of Qatar too.

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