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Tests Performed

Tests Performed

At KG Plastic, QA/QC department carries out a wide range of tests on the whole supply chain i.e. right from the raw material acquisition till the finished good and even after sale services, covering the whole continuum of the supply chain. Due to the extra efforts of KG Plastic Team, we have converted our supply chain into a value chain, where value is added to the product at every level with all acuteness and attention. At KG Plastic, we have a variety of tests that we perform on all our products on daily basis. Some of the most important tests on various products are:

Test Performed At KG Plastic`s In-House Laboratory:

  • 1. Free Falling Dart Impact Test
  • 2. Heat Reversion Test
  • 3. E.S.C.R. (Environment Stress Cracking Resistance)
  • 4. Hydro Static Pressure Testing
  • 5. VST (Vicat Softening Temperature)
  • 6. Electrical Strength and Resistance
  • 7. Collapse Test
  • 8. Heat Resistance Test
  • 9. Universal Tensile Strength Test
  • 10. Elmendorf Tear Tester
  • 11. Bending Test- At 21◦C Room Temperature
  • 12. Bending Test- At 5◦C
  • 13. Wall Thickness Test
  • 14. Outer Diameter (OD) Test
  • 15. Inner Diameter (ID) Test
  • 16. Visual Inspection of All Products
  • 17. UV Testing (Under The Direct Sunlight)
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