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Terms and Conditions

KG Plastic Terms & Conditions

At KG Plastic, we do follow standardized `Customer Oriented- Terms & Conditions` for all our transactions and operations with all our clients, in order to facilitate our esteemed clients the best possible way. Some of our standardized terms and conditions are:

• Prices: All contracts with KG Plastic are subject to change; if prices of the raw material in international market are fluctuated. If any contract is signed at a particular date, lasting for more than six months to follow, will subject to revision of prices as mutually agreed earlier as per KG Plastic policy, and hence thereof, KG Plastic`s decision should be taken as supreme in all.

• Material Replacement: KG Plastic will replace all material once dispatched to your site, after examined by KG Plastic team and approved by the management as `not up to the desired standards`.

• Delivery of Goods: KG Plastic, voluntarily would deliver all material to your sites/outlets. We do also facilitate if any of the customers want to get the material directly from our factory.

• Payment Terms: As agreed on

• Packing: Industry standard packing is provided with KG Group/Plastic branding. However, we can facilitate customized product packing too; subject to additional prices, if any.

• Decision Rights: KG Plastic reserves the right to take final actions/decisions on all local purchase orders, deliveries, replacements and other complimentary parts/steps on any complete transaction.

• Miscellaneous: As agreed mutually.

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